Salona App, The beauty salon finder

Client: Salona
Role: Product designer
Date: 2023
Tools: Clickup, Miro, Figma, Adobe Illustrator


This project aimed to bridge the gap between customers and service providers in the beauty and wellness industry, providing a centralized platform where users could discover, compare and book services with ease.


The primary objective of this platform was to create a user-friendly digital solution that streamlined the process of finding and booking salon services. To achieve this, we focused on developing a platform that was intuitive, personalized and efficient.

Project process

Competitive analysis

First of all, we needed to conduct a competitive analysis to understand the current market landscape and identify areas of improvement. Our main competitors were Treatwell, Fresha, Booksy and Notino. They provided valuable insight into user expectations and industry standards.


Secondly, personas were identified through a mix of user research, surveys and analytics data. We also conducted interviews with existing salon clients and owners.

User flow

We mapped out step-by-step paths users would take from their entry point to their end goal.

Produt sitemap

To create the site map, we conducted card sorting exercises with a group of potential users. This exercise involved them organizing content in a way that made sense to them.


We started by sketching low-fidelity wireframes on paper. This method allowed us to quickly explore layout possibilities and iterate on ideas.

Once we had a solid structure, we transitioned to Figma to develop high-fidelity wireframes.

Design system

The design system included three sections – style guide, components and a library of reusable UI components. Everything in 8 px system, APCA standard and 1.250 typescale. 


This step aimed to bring together the insights from our user research, site map, user flow, wireframes and translate them into a visually engaging and user-friendly interface.

Contact information

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